mardi 7 novembre 2017

Internet of Things and Firebase

This course presents the Digital Signal Controllers boards and componenets and their application in motor control and in Internet of Things.
Examples are given: Personnal projects and experimental benches.


Université de Tlemcen

IoT board with a WEMOS D1 ESP 8266, OLED display, DHT11 temperature and humidy sensor, push button, leds, IMU 6050 to sense acceleration and gyro on the 3-axis. The board sends data to the dedicated Firebase database

Schematic of the IoT board above

Android App that connect to Firebase database and display IoT board data as well as control them

Linear synchronous motor showing a DSC dspic 33FJ128MC80, BT, MEMS 3-axis accelerometer, 3-phases power inverter L6234, coils, hall-effect sensors, bearings, fixed part with NdFeB permanent magnets

Clock and weather based on web acces (NTP protocol) and weather forecast
Presented on Mansourah tower

IMU on the leg for medical assistance

mardi 12 septembre 2017

Vers une utilisation rationnelle de l'énergie électrique

Cours Inaugural
Mardi 12 Septembre 2017

Faculté de Technologie
Vers une utilisation rationnelle de l'énergie électrique